Information for Speakers:  MY22

Thank you for agreeing to present at the 2022 AOCOPM Midyear Educational Conference.  We have created an online form for our speakers' use.  This is where required documents are uploaded and information that the AOCOPM needs to maintain its CME provider status is provided.    Items to have ready include: 

Submission Deadline:  January 15, 2022:

  • CV 
  • Introductory Bio
  • Learning Objectives, with supporting documentation
  • Photo (a selfie you like will do)
  • Disclosures 
  • Release of information (please be mindful of copyrights)
Submission Deadline:  February 21, 2022:
  • Test Questions (provided as a courtesy to AOBPM and used for evaluations)
  • PowerPoint (no logos allowed, per ACCME requirements)

Before beginning your Speaker Packet, please review the Speaker Resources and Instructions provided below. 

Please be mindful of deadlines.  CME providers have to collect and submit much information to the accrediting body before an educational conference begins, as well as prepare conference materials (programs and mobile app).

Midyear 2022 Speaker Packet

Speaker Resources and Instructions: